Software Development

Software Development

The Software Development Team consists of more than 70+ professionals like Developers, Testers, Designers, & Product Analysts... We are basically working in the healthcare domain and catering the needs of hospitals and labs in the United States. The software developed by us is largely used by Doctors, Nurses, Front Desk Executives, and Practice Administrators. The product is developed using the latest technologies available in the IT industry. Read more

In-house ERP Development

We have true cloud ERP. It is widely used by midsize enterprises across the US for a product centric business. Our In-house development team is well... trained on this complex yet user-friendly platform and helps all the internal business verticals in streamlining their operational and functional workflows. The team collects in-house requirements for process mapping, performance evaluation, and operational metrics which further goes through the complete SDLC lifecycle based on Agile Methodology. The team provides on the fly reporting solutions and dashboards and work on enhancements. The technology used is .Net, C# and MS SQL Read more


Revenue Cycle Management
The Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) team consists of more than 50 employees who closely work with clients to process their claims and post payments in... the software. They do follow up with Insurance Companies in the US for the rejected claims. At a glance, the RCM team gets involved starting from claim creation until the payment is received by the clients Read more


Medical Transcription
The Medical Transcription (MT) team consists of more than 60 transcriptionists. The accuracy level that we achieve at InSync is more than 98.5%. The team of hard... working and attentive transcriptionists carefully listen to the video files received from our clients (doctors) in the US and put the prescriptions on the paper. Our QA Team ensures that the content written is accurate as required. Read more

Client Services

We believe that to truly have a customer focused culture, we first focus on our employees. A happy ... employee who feels appreciated and respected will be better able and more enthusiastic about delivering a good customer experience. Starting from the leaders, an employee’s response to the positive customer-centric culture would be consistency and ultimately, loyalty. To our potential employees - We focus on easy to adopt and user friendly engagement at every level. We entrust the power to drive results in your hand. We Track Initiatives, Assess Crises and Take action based on the agile methodology. IHCS steps beyond the data to create future leaders, guiding them with actionable strategies and expert advice for addressing feedback and challenges. Read more
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Information Technology

InSync’s IT Department provides the information technology required for the fulfilment of InSync’s mission in an efficient and effective manner... This includes information security, data processing, storage, database management, networks, cloud computing and technical support for the Insync’s software development program. Read more